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Air Conditioning Repair

Blankenship Mechanical provides personalized, high-quality air conditioning repair services to Richmond and the surrounding counties.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Richmond & the Tri Cities

It can get quite hot and humid in Central VA in the Summer and being left without cooling on hot days is a nightmare. If your unit is not working properly, count on the professionals at Blankenship Mechanical to diagnose and fix the problem. We provide personalized, high quality air conditioning repair services to Richmond and the surrounding counties. 

Warning Signs that your air conditioner needs service include:

Protecting your Equipment

Having your air conditioning unit repaired does more than just solve your current problem. Repairing your unit early can prevent further damage to your system. And the longer certain issues go undiagnosed and unrepaired, the more problems they can cause. The resulting extensive damage can lead to much higher repair costs or even the need to replace the system if the damage is beyond repair or if the extent of needed repairs is no longer cost effective.

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